Automatic Lessons


Automatic cars can be easier and quicker to learn in than a manual car. This is because the car decides on which gear is suited best to what you ask the car to do. You control the speed and steering, the car does the rest! 

Your instructor will go through everything so that you understand what you need to do and when you need to do it to ensure the car keeps going and keeps you under control.

If you pass you driving test using an automatic car, you are only able to drive automatic cars.



Provisional Licence

First 2 Hour Trial Lesson - £65

Pay as You Go After Your Trial Lesson

2 Hour Lesson - - - -  £80 (£40 per hour)

10 Hours Prepaid - £380 (£38 per hour)

Prices are correct as of 1st May 2022. Provisional licence only

After You Have Passed!

Full Licence

Motorway Lessons

2 Hour Motorway Lesson £80

2 Hour Rural Road Lesson £80

2 Hour Parking Lesson £76

Refresher Lessons

2 Hours - £80

10 Hours prepaid - £380